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We are a group of people who want to give to the world something back. The only way we can all do this is by collecting donations and give them to the ones who need them the most.

‘’ No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.’’

Charles Dickens

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Real People. Real Results


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Amazing Things About Singapore

Everyone speaks English

Although Singapore is an Asian country, English is likely native language in Singapore. It is easier for tourists when travel in here. Most of Singaporean can speak English – international language. Signs, road signs in Singapore are written in English.

Safety all days
In Singapore, you can feel assured to let children play outside after dark or let them take a taxi to the school themselves when missed the bus. This is partly thanks to the strict punishment for any crime. Especially, it is rarely to see police in here. They only appear when the problem occurred. Singapore police often wear civilian clothes instead of police uniform.


You have many places to go to entertain yourself, some of them include Singapore Dance theatre, Orchestra, Chinese Orchestra, Toy Factor production, BluJaz Café and online website like https://bet888win.net where you can plat variety of games to keep yourself entertained

Cultural Diversity
This country is small area but Singapore is home of many people from different cultures. This is opportunity to broaden knowledge and experience. Singapore Government strives for harmonizing their voice. You can find people from all countries over here and everyone seems to be happy with no complain whatsoever.

Hot weather

The average temperature in Singapore is high, accompanied by rain and humidity. This causes hot weather which can make many people uncomfortable. However, it will not give you much feel as you anyway are going to spend most of your time in office, home or in car.

High cost of living
This is one of the countries with the most expensive good prices in the world. The price of gasoline, food, tuition and alcoholic drinks are more expensive than other countries in the same area. However this get compensated by the high income; this could be a problem only to tourist who come from countries like Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Convinent communication
Singapore is very small, but it is close to many other Asian countries, so it is easy and convenient to travel. From Singapore, you can quickly fly to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand … and many other places. Especially thanks to the Changi airport which is the top of the leading airport in the world.

Great food
Food is one of the factors attracting people for Singapore. The food on the street is very cheap and tasty. Additionally, you can also enjoy the cuisine of other countries in the luxury restaurants.

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