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About us

Who we are?

Something about us

We are a non-profit organization who is raised from the ashes in order to do one thing only, to help others. We send help where is much needed and we help millions of people each year and we will continue to do offer this help as long as possible. Support us and support the world.

Our history

Our history begins with Jennifer back in 2009 when she wanted to help homeless people get a free meal. Soon Bill and John joined the group and together they started the non-profit organization you can see right here.

In the first couple of years the group offered help to residents from Los Angeles only. But, thanks to many donations and donators in general, the happy trio were able to extend their help and cover the entire United States and later the entire world.

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Our mission

Help those who need help now.

Our idea

To find the donator in each one of you and help each person needing your help

Values we share and own

These are values we all have and we are glad to keep them deeply in the heart. Here are a few things we can reveal.

24/7 working hours

We are always open and we are ready to accept your donation when you are feeling like a giver.

Never stop, ever

We promise that we will never stop what we do. It is for bigger good and it is something most people expect from us, so we promise, we are here to stay.

Listen and then react

First, we will listen to and understand the problem. Then we will act and solve it. It is the main secret we have at the moment.

We find and we share

We try to find new donators all the time and to focus their help on the ones who need it.

People who helped us

There are a lot of people who were and who are donators to the organization you are looking at. Thanks to them, everything is possible.