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Thai Amulets: Different Types And Benefits

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From spirit houses to Gautam Buddha temples, the importance of the Theravada Buddhism religion is noticeable. Since ancient history, Thai amulets have different names like Talismans and votive tablet. In this technology-driven world, you’ll find many celebrities and businessmen use Thai amulets as a fashion statement and to enhance their living standards.

However, many Thai and Chinese people are not ‘’Buddhism believers,’’ but they prefer wearing it for good luck and fortune. Now, let’s know some facts and significant information about Thai amulets.

What Are Thai Amulets?

In ancient history, Gautam Buddha uses to make amulets for the followers as a blessed item. The reason behind this is followers should always remember Buddha’s teachings and honor highly respected monks across the globe. According to various ancient stories, Buddha uses to make amulets with clay and stones, including his eyebrow hair, blood, and pollen.

In Thailand, ‘’plah keang’’ is the local name of these amulets. These amulets are available in every nook and corner of Thailand. You will find them in various shapes such as square, rectangular, round with Buddha statue engraved on it. However, traditional hand-made amulets are super expensive. On the other hand, various carving and mechanism methods are now available to create Thai amulets.

It’s a Thai tradition that every Thai Buddhist to wear at least one amulet around his/her neck. The best place to buy hand-made amulets is  from famous monks of the oldest Buddhist temples.


Some Popular And Common Thai Amulets 

  • Phra Somdej Kenaen Pae Pan

Phra Somdej Kenaen Pae Pan is the finest amulet consisting of 108 flower pollens, including other sacred materials. This Thai amulet can wipe off all the negative thoughts and vibes. Chanting with this amulet can ward off all the illness and evil spirits.

  • LP Toh Pidta

LP Toh Pidta has been named after Ngern Lan. This amulets is considered a very auspicious and it bringd the bearer good wealth and fortune. LP Toh Pidta with 1 takrut is made in total of 3091 pcs.

Quick Benefits Of Thai Amulets

  • Thai Amulets are sacred and helpful in overcoming unfortunate situations. These ancient amulets are proven to have some magical powers.
  • These amulets are long-lasting, and after wearing, you’ll experience positive vibes. You’ll feel that you can control your mood swings and bad temper effortlessly.
  • With these amulets, you can expect happiness, wealth, and prosperity in your life. You’ll feel more secure, and luck will be in your favor. Above all, you’ll be warding off all your enemies and obstacles easily.

Final Wrap Up

If you want to be luckier and healthier, you should have a good collection of Thai amulets. These amulets are not only for Buddhism followers; anyone can wear them. However, wearing them to achieve your goals is recommended than using as a fashion statement.

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